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Pdisk: Command List

4.2 Command List

Pdisk is a command line based program. The main command prompt in pdisk is:

Command (? for help):

The commands are:

h help
p print the partition table
P (print ordered by base address)
i initialize partition map
s change size of partition map
c create new partition (standard MkLinux type)
C (create with type also specified)
n (re)name a partition
d delete a partition
r reorder partition entry in map
w write the partition table
q quit editing (don't save changes)

h - displays this information

p - displays the current raw partition table

P - displays the partition table ordered by the start of the partition

i - Clear the partition table

s - Change the size of the partition map

c - Create a partition with the standard Linux type

C - Create a partition by specifying a type

n - rename a partition

d - delete a partition

r - reorder the partition map

w - Write/Save the partition map

q - quit without saving! (Make sure you 'w' before quiting!)

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