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Addendum to Chapters 6-7 & A

1.5 Chapter 6 Finishing the Installation

1.5.1 Section 6.8 Creating a Boot Diskette

No bootdisks are created for the PowerPC. This step is skipped.

1.5.2 Section 6.9 Installing LILO

Bootloader installation is different for the various PowerPC architectures. Please refer to the onscreen instructions in the installer.

[Possibly add BootX, and PReP instructions here?]

1.5.3 Section 6.10 Configuring X Windows

Configuring an XFree86 Server only works on a machine with a frame buffer console. Almost all of the machines use this type of console. There are some PReP machines that are not able to use this. For these machines you may not be able to run X Windows.

[Instructions for manually setting up of an X server here]

1.6 Chapter 7 Finding Documentation

1.6.1 Section 7.2 Help from the Internet Community

The internet community is by far the best way to get help on using your new system. There are many resource sites, mailing lists, and usenet newsgroups to help you out. There are many general Linux resources. We will list some of the PowerPC Linux resources below to help you configure and use your new system.

[Add things here like the FAQ-o-matic, news groups and various lists.]

1.7 Appendix A Getting Technical Support

You may skip Appendix A as this is not an official Red Hat Linux distribution.

[Distributors of this may want to add some pieces in here]

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