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Addendum to Chapter 22

1.1 Chapter 2 Before You Begin

1.1.1 Subsection 2.2.4 Checking for Updated Diskette Images

Red Hat does not support PowerPC Linux so they will not be able to provide you with updates. Please contact the manufacturer of your distribution for information regarding updates.
[Insert information here about getting updates!]

1.1.2 Subsection 2.3.1 Basic hardware Configuration

The following is a partial list of supported PowerPC hardware:

The following machines are known not to work with either LinuxPPC or MkLinux

1.1.3 Subsection 2.4.1 PCMCIA Support During the Installation

PCMCIA is partially supported in a running system, however it is not currently supported by the installer. A special installer may be created in the future for people requireing PCMCIA support.

1.1.4 Subsection Installing From a Hard Drive - How To Do It

In the instructions it refers to the top level of your directory tree. On the Macintosh, the top level is not your desktop. To get to the top level of your directory tree double click on a drive icon on the desktop.

If a file name is too long, MacOS will truncate it. That is ok, the installation process does not care about filenames.

Note: At the time this document was written the installer can not read HFS Extended disks. If you plan on using the hard drive installation method, you must copy the files to an HFS Standard partition.

1.1.5 Section 2.5 Need a Network Boot Diskette?

[Network Bootdisk information!]

1.1.6 Section 2.7 Installation Classes

The installation classes are not currently appropriate for PowerPC hardware and have been removed from the PowerPC Installer. They may be implemented in the future

1.1.7 Section 2.8 Disk Partitions

Please read section 2.8 about disk partitioning and also read Chapter 4 on using pdisk to partition your drive.

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